At Betsy Gallery, you can buy or order large and extra-large modern wall art. Our paintings are crafted using high-quality oil paints with thick textures or acrylic paste on premium linen canvas. Each piece looks stunning thanks to the exceptional materials and professional craftsmanship.

Transform your interior with bright colors and rich textures that add style and modernity to any space.


About Our Wall Art

Oil paintings have been highly valued for centuries. Think of the old masterpieces that have been preserved in excellent condition and are now considered priceless. Contemporary art brings a fresh perspective to oil painting with thick impasto textural strokes, abstract landscapes, and floral motifs. These modern pieces blend traditional techniques with a new, vibrant style, adding depth and richness to any interior.


What Makes Creative Prints at Betsy-Art Gallery Unique?

Our beautiful and unique artworks are created using the latest AI technologies. AI art is a groundbreaking way to turn fantasy into reality with the help of neural networks. Each painting is one-of-a-kind and cannot be replicated. When you purchase a print from Betsy-Art Gallery, you will own a picture that no one else in the world has.



I paint each piece by order, so I do not have them in stock.

When your order will be placed, please wait for 4-5 weeks for the paint to dry
as the strokes are voluminous and thick.

I add an extra 5 cm of white border around the edges so that you can stretch it over your stretcher.

The painting is sent unframed and rolled with very secure packaging.

The roll with the painting is covered with an anti-shock film with large air strips
to ensure the painting is protected during transportation.

Each painting comes with my personal signature and stamp, along with a certificate of authenticity.

NOTE: I do not offer framing. 🔔 Please refrain from purchasing or ordering a stretcher (frame) in advance.
Only after receiving the piece, you can visit a local workshop to choose the thickness of the stretcher
and the wood according to the finished art and to stretch the canvas.

Terms of Sale

About the Artist Tatiana (Tanya) Mirel: artist, designer and founder of BETSY-ART GALLERY

I am an artist raised as guest on the unceded territories of Provence and the Côte d'Azur in the south of France. My creative process and methodologies blend modern and cultural techniques. As a creative artist, I work primarily with oil paints in an abstract style, transforming ordinary paintings into modern designs. I also work with acrylics and watercolors. In my work, you will find the simplicity and elegance of contemporary art.

Since the beginning of 2022, with the advent of artificial intelligence in art creation, I have been working as a designer in this field, bringing to life all the fantasies of the artist on canvas. With the help of AI, I create and reincarnate paintings of famous painters and my own dreams, producing unique prints and posters that no one else has.

🌺 After selling my artwork on Etsy for several years, I decided to create my own store to promote my brand. By studying market demand and customer needs in contemporary art, I established my store with the same conditions of sale as on Etsy. Here, I can communicate more closely with my customers, advise them on choosing artwork for their interiors, and help them select a style.

A calm approach, thoughtful and no-pressure customer service, and high-quality artwork are the main criteria in my work.

❤️ I invite all art lovers to explore my new Betsy-Art Gallery, where I will do my best to ensure your satisfaction.

Best wishes,

Tanya Miller

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  • Gregg ( USA, CA)

    Very beautiful painting. So lifelike that it will eventually be the backdrop of my real saltwater fish tank. The fish will have a beautiful view as much as we will.

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  • Laurent ( France)

    Fantastic work of Tanya, a very great emotion to discover reproduction.
    Everything was perfect from the order to the reception, and the communication with Tanya.

  • Natoya (USA, CA)

    Beautiful work and design.. Looks just like picture and pretty quick delivery considering that it came from France and I'm in Los Angeles. Thank you so much!

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